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HBO on Android

May 1, 2011
HBO on Android 
HBO to GO now in the Android Market.HBO to Go has allowed users to watch movies on the go.It requires that you have a PayTV service.Unforunatly multiple users have been complaining that it will not work on there device and some of the
 causes of this is that the device is old and/or that while rooting or overclocking your phone or tablet.


HP ePrint allows local FedEX Office Printing and Print Go Service for Android

April 30, 2011
HP ePrint

The newest version of HP's Printing apps which is HP ePrint 1.01 now has the feature to connect with FedEX Office printers and will allow you to print to numerous FedEX offices across the US and UK.It also has a cloud of printing providers so you can also print to register places such as hotels.It can print pictures and various types of document.

Ways To Download :


or by scanning QR Code on the top of this article
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HTC Trace

April 29, 2011

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Thank You for Visiting My Website!

April 29, 2011

Before i really start to develop this website,I would like to thank all of those people who have given me some majorly added confidence.This website in the future will have a separate page for specific alternate downloads and more constant news updates.Also along to this website there will be more tips and tutorials on Android devices and other types of devcies including Apple iPod and iPhone.

But the main point of this news update is to simply sat THANK YOU to all of those peo...

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