Welcome to SpecialAndroid4U Alternative Android Launcher's

Before you download or look at any of these applications i recommend that you read the following:

A Launcher is like the inside operating system inside your phone.

Ex: Google Android OS maybe the phones Operating System but it's inside launcher can be changed.Windows XP,Vista and 7 are common operating system but the Internet Browser can be changed from Windows Explorer 9 to any other Internet Browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

To go to a launcher that has been installed,just tap the home button and scroll to find the launcher which you have downloaded and click on it.There are many launchers that are available for downloading.On this website you will find highly recognized Launchers that can be good for adding variation and customization Android Phone.There is another website that is currently under development that will bring many Launchers and will give you a good overview.Expect this website to come out by May 15,2011.To get more information contact me in the "Contact Page" located to your left.



 HeLauncher is alternative Launcher for Android.The main features of HeLauncher is that it allows you to change the theme that you are running.It can change between Gingerbread,Froyo, HTC Sense and MotoBlur.Other than that all the regular Google Android OS preferences run as projected.

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