Welcome to the SpecialAndroid4U Download Page 

These downloads have taken hours to make and reconfigure so please enjoy them and if you have any suggestions then please contact me going to the page labeled "Contact Me".Please be aware that any use of the items on this Download  Page will further support this website. 


 SpecialAndroid4U Toolbar

This is the Offical SpecialAndroid4U Toolbar.You can stay updated  to everything new at SpecialAndroid4U.Please use this app and check for updates when possible by clicking on the SpecialAndroid4U tab and clicking update. 

Ways To Download :

Go to  http://SpecialAndroid4U.OurToolbar.com/

Click on the picture directly to the right 


SpecialAndroid4U Android Application 

This is the Offical Android Application for SpecialAndroid4U.This application was made via AppGeyser and it is also available on the SlideMe Market.

Ways to Download:



Via the QR Codes to the Right 

or by clicking "Download Here" below

Download Here

c7894f56-6f53-11e0-8c69-00505690390e (1).apk c7894f56-6f53-11e0-8c69-00505690390e (1).apk
Size : 168.892 Kb
Type : apk

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