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Here you will find different Android Markets available to use instead of the Google Android Market that comes built into your system.Before you start downloading any application below i recommend that you go watch this video on how to actually enable downloading and installation from other non-markets sources such as this one.CLICK HERE TO GO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! or you can simply watch the video below.


 Applanet is an app made by Zskaul2.It currently has over 12,000 Apps that are free.To be able to download the app you must first set a couple of settings that can be achieved by watching the video above .It is updated  every other month and it has many significant changes.Future hanges include New style,New Codes and Multi-Server Support for faster downloads and less errors.This will work on Android OS 1.5 and up.

 Ways To Download-

Applanet Home Page - http://applanet.net/

Applanet APK Alternative Download - http://blackapp.tk/

Download Here 

or Scan QR Code to the right to download!

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